Blog? Me!? Um, Yeah, I Guess…

And so it begins…

  I never thought I would have the time to ever do this (again). But being that the ‘man upstairs’ has forced my preggers butt on mandatory bed rest. What better time to start. Right? Welp, here I am. On the couch in my extremely large shirt and purple socks, trying to protect the little Ninja in my tummy.  Let me start from the top.

  I’m Steph (Hi-ya!). I’m a 25-year-old mom to one awesome (talkative) little girl. I am 12 weeks pregnant – after being told by doctors I wouldn’t be able to have kids again. Having a few complications, but nothing my positive mind and family support can’t get me through. I’m engaged my hero, Aaron, and life is slowly going in circulation. I have a degree in Criminal Justice as of 2012 and – for some reason – I have had no luck finding a job within that field. Waste of time? Probably, but the student loan money got me through the toughest times in my life. So no regrets. I’m a huge DORK, NERD, GEEK, TECHIE, ANIME-LOVING woman and I love that about me. I love that my Aaron loves that about me. 

  My mind: I have this can’t-shut-up mind that is a little hard to explain (but I’ll try). My mom (mama san) described my mind like this; ” Since you could talk, you can think of three things and a song and still hold a full conversation with someone.” Well said, Mama San. 🙂 And she’s right. She says there’s nothing wrong with that and that it is very rare. I use to think there was something wrong with me. Guess Not! Just your average “rare” nerd. So, writing has always been an outlet for me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a Diary. Then Journals when I thought the word “Diary” was for little girls. I want to blog – not only to inspire others- but to give all the tips on oober mommy goodness I’ve accumulated over the years. I also think my inability to shut my mind up means I need to get it down in writing -er- typing. You know, therapy the free way! ^_^

  My mom and Aaron inspired me to write again. They say I have a way with words and I should do something about it. I couldn’t agree more. So welcome to my life and all it’s weirdness. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I will enjoy the drive! Steph