Staying De-stressed When Stress Part of Pregnancy. How, I Say?!? Well…


 4/4/14 ; 13 and 1 week(s) Preggs

Watching the SADDEST episode of  “The ‘L’ Word” I’ve seen thus far. Tina and Bette lose their inseminated baby at 12 weeks. The Regular Doctor visit turned up no heartbeat… Ugh! All I need. Miscarriage worries. Yep! All I absolutely need. How does a preggs woman get over the fear of miscarriage without causing issues just TRYING not to? Is that even possible?! Not only are the hormones on the fringe and then some, but trying not to stress about something that I may or may not have control over (like miscarriage) is like putting a pregnant me in front of a jar of butter bread pickles and telling me and can’t touch them. Really?!

Alas, I guess it’s just one of those worries many mom questions we may never have answers to. For me, it kinda comes down to my faith. My faith is strong and I know everything happens for a reason. After my daughter was born, I was pretty assured that I couldn’t have any more kids. Heartbroken, I took it with a grain of salt and still didn’t believe. For 5 years, I tried for more with her father. Tried and tried. Nothing. I gave up. Luckily, I met the right guy, we got engaged, and ‘presto’ , baby on board!!! Just goes to show, God gets the last laugh and he made sure I was with the right guy before I made the mistake of having two (or more) kids with the wrong (Hell spawned) guy.

For the other daily stressors in my life, I’ve come to rely on a few things. Aaron, Charlie (the dog), and Chichi are a huge factor when I feel so low I worry there is no way out. But sometimes I have to figure the stress out on my own. Being a forced stay-at-home mom right now leaves me alone at home a lot of the time. So, here are some ideas I’ve used, that I hope other moms can pull from as well:

Drink Tea:

20140406_125108    20140406_125122

Tea is not only an alternative to my undying love for coffee during pregnancy, but something about it is calming. I am a huge researcher, so I did that to get a little “scientific” on you all. ^_^  “Stress hormone levels fell by nearly twice as much in tea drinkers compared with those given a tea-like drink, after all had been put under stress.” (University of London). That’s as far as I’ll go there. Tea makes me feel a little more in control when I feel ready to tear some familiar heads off. The Tension Tamer is a distinct taste, just add more honey (and sugar) if you’d like.



I have always been a huge reader. So, of course, my current choices are pregger books and magz!! 🙂  And I’m learning a lot. But more than that, reading about my continued role as a mom just excites me to no end! That alone, is enough to take my mind off my personal stressors.

Comfort Food… To a certain Extent:


Okay, we all know pregnancy comes with cravings and the want  need to eat more and and eat healthy. This is a picture of my version a loaded baked potato (or two) and IT WAS GOOOOOOOOD. I had a rough day grocery shopping at more than one store and overdoing it. By the time me and little one got home, my back was on fire and my hunger was through the roof. I had passed irritation and gone straight to aggravation. By the time I’d made my food, I couldn’t be talked to without a hint of attitude. My fault. That meal, not only fixed my mood a smidge, but led to my next comfort…

Take a much needed nap:


Yep. Give the sandman a call and take a 45 minute nap. I try to only go for 45 minutes because any longer, and I might not get up again. It’s like letting the body recharge. Which is a great natural way to de-stress.

Write is Down:


My journal is my outlet. It keeps me going. It’s that person that I need who doesn’t give an opinion, just listens. And from what I’m learning about myself, writing things that are on my mind down REALLY clears the stress from my mind. How does the saying go? Out of Mind, out of pregnancy hormones – or something like that. ^_*

If You’re a Gamer:


Then Game, I’m a huge gamer. Always have been. I’ve had the pleasure of working for Xbox for a short time too. So gaming has always been a huge stress reliever since I started grade school.

All in all, try new things and never give up when it comes to relieving stress. And if all else fails, just remind yourself that a happy mommy means a happy baby. I want to fill my unborn child with happy thoughts and feelings. Not the kind that could contribute to the creation of a serial killer. I’m Just saying. Steph




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