You Didn’t Tell Me This Would Happen, DOC?!

Oh, Woa is ME!! Seriously, I really REALLY wish there was a step-by-step on pregnancy. Not just the fancy stuff they have in stores, but a genuine ‘bug in your ear’ type of instruction. And with all instruction on the intake of anything, there are side-effects. The side-effects that are forever changing and making me question my sanity. Never would I think that spotting is normal during pregnancy, so of course I’m in the ER. Never would I think sleeping would be so difficult that I am at my most comfortable damn near sitting straight up. But, alas, it is… I guess… :-/ So if there are any women out there experiencing this and then some, or just unawares of what’s to come, here are some things I’ve learned – well, that fell into my lap so far –  during this pregnancy.

– Spots, Spots, Spots

So, there’s this condition called subchorionic hemorrhage  where the placenta may not be fully attached or is so close to the cervix that spotting happens. It’s apparently very common and usually goes away on its’ own. I was not aware and ended up in the ER at 3am for 6 hours. Still, I got to see the baby again. That’s always fun. Bed rest and a follow up visit showed everything was fine. Baby is still thriving though the spotting has not yet fully stopped for me. (ugh) Still, if the spotting gets heavy or is forever bright in color, then that raises a few alarms. God’s keeping a close eye on my so far.

– Bipolar? No way! ^_^ I SAID NO!!

We all know emotions can run pretty high during pregnancy. But what I’ve experienced all together is pretty close to criminal. I don’t think it’s okay to think about your significant other like a piece of meat one second and a foul soul the next. He’s seen the good and the bad. I’ve been able to keep the ugly at bay for now. Still, if ever you get the urge to chuck him (or her) our of a window, stop and breath. It’s only pregnancy.

-Sex Will Change/ Men’s Needs

Yeah, no secret there. It goes hand in hand with the hormone things we go through. I was having to turn my fiance’ down so often it became the only thing we argued about – and we DON’T argue. I’ve learned to just accept it and give him his few minutes of sex. Even if I’m not in the mood, he never disappoints me and he’s ridiculously happy afterwards. So why not. Like Lenard on Big Bang Theory said “It’ll shorten the war by five years and save millions of lives!”. I’m just saying. 🙂

– Sleep? What’s that?

I don’t sleep well at all. I thought being pregnant makes you sleepy all the time. Nope! At least not in my case. With my daughter I remember sleeping a lot before I found out I was pregnant. But this pregnancy is like the complete opposite. It’s to a point I worry I’ll fall asleep without knowing and wake up outside naked . True fear. I have this app on my phone I’ve been using for years for times when I couldn’t sleep. I started using it again. It’s called Lightning Bug and it plays all sorts of sounds and animals and instruments. You control what you want to hear, how loud (or soft) and how long. I love it.

– Sun burned Nipples anyone?

Another new spot for me there. I don’t even like my itty-bitty titties out of a sports bra. So why they alone feel like they’ve had a little too much Sun is beyond me. And it’s JUST the nipples. The whole boob is fine, but the nipps?! So, I hopped on and asked other moms if they’ve experienced this before. A few have. They recommended coconut oil, olive oil, and even nipple guards. I keep the oils on hand for my hair, so I’m giving it a shot. Stay tuned for those results.

As unnormal as I’m feeling, it’s good to know that all of this is normal. Along with moderate cramps and snoring even if I’ve never snored before. Just baby getting a little more air, I guess. Pregnancy isn’t the end. Only the beginning. And as annoying as the symptoms are, they are worth it for this little blessing. Definitely worth it. Steph



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