Here Comes The Bride…. Right??

Hello World!

It’s been a few (hundred) weeks 🙂 I am now 26 weeks and 1 day. So happy I passed my two most worry weeks – 12 weeks and 24 weeks. I find myself cleaning all the time or watching BBC midwives shows on Youtube. I know , so productive… :p 

13 wks n 6 days 18 wks n 4 23 weeks

But it feels good to be excited about the baby. Chichi struggled with it for a while. She’s worried we wont live her the same. But after getting a few books on being a big sister and “new baby”, she’s doing so much better! Thank goodness for that because they are sharing a room and I’d hate to find her staring at her in the middle of the night like a creepy Chuckie Doll. Still, for some reason I feel she’s going to be more protective and less scared at night once the baby is born. I know this because she’s very protective of me. Very protective. I’m just getting more and more excited about what the future holds for my little family.

But before we cross that milestone, we have a big one coming up. Our wedding!! I was a ball of nerves about it until about a week ago. Knowing everything but my wedding band was all up to me. But now, I have a caterer and decorator from my church who offered to do the decorations and catering for a small fee. So, all I have to do is make my dress, alter Chichi’s and show up! What a surprise! BUT, I know the decorator to be a big fan of pink… ugh… not a huge fan of alot of pink but my main colors are silver and pink. So I made it clear that I want just as much silver as pink. That is all. 🙂

  Now, I can actually relax and focus on the last few things. Mainly, my dress and the head dress. My mom took me to Davids bridal for a dress I can basically butcher apart and make my own. Now… it’s up to me – Super Preggo Mom. So, wish me luck! This should be interesting to say the least.