D.I.Y : Pillsbury Pizza Cups


all together time: about 20 mins

*muffin pan                           *Pillsbury Grands biscuits

*mozzarella or any shredded cheese       *marinara / spaghetti sauce

*flour                        *seasonings (optional)

So, it’s the beginning of the month and usually, we’ve gone food shopping by now. But, alas, another day off, another long list left partially untouched.  I’m told I’m pretty good at pulling rabbits out of my a$$. So, on the hunt I went into the kitchen to do just that. Finding these ingredients:            wpid-20150307_205215.jpg     wpid-20150307_205225.jpg      wpid-20150307_205230.jpg

I decided to make that freakin rabbit dance out. Now I’d heard of this recipe before and decided to give it a whirl before my husband smashes all the pepperoni.

– One: put the oven on 375

– Two: lightly dust a plate and muffin pan with flour

– Three: takes Pillsbury grands biscuits one at a time and cut off about a quarter of it and flatten it to fit a muffin slot (like the last picture above)

– Four: fit biscuit to each muffin cup.  And marinara /sauce, seasoning (optional), pepperoni, and cheese -Finally, bake for about 12 to 15

wpid-20150307_214508.jpg      wpid-20150307_210634.jpg

I forgot an after shot, but all in all, it was great and more filling than a snack. Nothing went to waste. It’s quick, easy, and if your a mom like me with a bunch of mismatch food in the kitchen- it’s the perfect ‘rabbit’ magic trick.


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