Night Owl Chronicles : when Batman’s Away, here’s where I am

*Night Owl Chronicles : Warrior Banners and Art Station Sneak Peak * So, Batman’s working overtime all season since it’s available. Being that he gets off at 5am (on a good night), I’ve been trying to fit myself around his schedule a little more so that I can see him while he’s still awake. So, goodnight, all! I leave you with a glimpse of my Art station and those beautiful Lyme disease banners I’m working on. They are truely coming together. 

  I’m sharing it with the Christmas tree this year. ☺️ Last year I was banished to the dining room. It sucked. I’m sure those of you who have a studio of your own can relate to the pains of losing your creative space. Still, deep felt art is being able to do it anywhere,in my opinion. But still… I’d freakin sucked. So this year, Batman compromised. 

   He’s the best. He really is. Working this overtime, I know it must be a strain on him. He’ll never admit that –  he IS Batman and all- but I know. He leaves at 4pm and clocks out at 5am everyday. He’s home by 5:30 and in bed by 7am….I wake up and start ‘adulting’ at 7am. 😒 Surely, you can see the dilemma here. He’s making a sacrifice , so I can give up my work-to-3am behavior for now. It’s the least I can do for being able to keep a piece of my Art space . 😆

 Question: Where do you like to create your magic? Do you have a designated area or are you a super free spirit that lets the Gutt do the guiding? 

😆 See you at sun up, World.


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