Next Project design choices : What background should I choose? ? 

​ okay, I’m flooding your time line for a sec. I need some feedback. I have a friend who is battling Lyme (Lymie, for some). She’s the sweetest person I know and is like a “super Nanny”  to any child around. In other words, if there’s a kid around, her ears and eyes are peeked to step in. It’s the funniest thing. ❤️ So, I’m making a Lyme Disease Awareness collection in her honor. See the background design? That’s what I need help choosing. Feel free to comment of the one you like most! Here we go! ❤️

Design number 1: 

 I just loved the idea of looking to a night sky for comfort on those days when dealing is just top heavy a burden. I’m a star gamer, myself, so it was a no Brainer. Hey, what do you think of the purple one next to it? 😮

Design 2:

This was more like an attempt and something different . . . I’m not ashamed to admit that. 😒

Design 3:

The crowd favorite on my Instagram. I’ve already chosen. But still, which would you have gone with? I’m just curious as to what people like and dislike. Thanks guys. 



OpaChi Quilts N Crafts – The Biginning

Quilting - Begin!

Quilting – Begin!

For about six months now, I’ve gone back and forth in my head on a life altering decision. One side knows I will do great if I go through with it while the other side is all for it – but doubtful on my success. I’ve decided to start my own “thing” and make quilts and other craft ideas that I have.

     I’ll save you the sob story of a pregnant mom and bride-to-be who couldn’t find a job (due to pregnancy) but can craft like a mother f@&ker and just cut right to the important stuff.

   With five months left in pregnancy and my emotional state in question, my husband – my batman – said that maybe me staying home is exactly what God wants. I’ve accepted that and found that I have quite a gift for crafting. I made Little Ninja a quilt and it came out so nicely, that I made one for Chi as well. I received such good feedback that I actually thought about making something of all of this.

Now that Little Ninja or “Opa” is here (and three months, for that matter), I have decided to go with my gut, heart, brain, and husband and give this crafting bit a try. It’s something I really do enjoy doing and I am more excited about it than I’ve ever been about any job from my past. I have this super thick notebook that will serve as my “brain in writing” – if you will. It has tabs made out of sticky notes and so many of my ideas. The more I think and write about my ideas, the more excited I get. I’m like a scientist in a room full of new testing material. Like a gamer first in line at midnight for the next best game (for PS4J ). Like a mother prepped and ready to bring a new life into the world (me three months ago…).

      I’m just waiting on tax time. When I can take a ‘nest egg’ chunk (frugally) and buy a good amount of starter supplies. Then, open up my one woman sweat shop and see where life takes me. This is only the beginning. Yet another stepping stone in this journey of mine called “Life”. Am I scared? Shitless. But what better way to live if not on the edge at least a little bit – even if it is in the form of needles, fabric, crafts, and the colorful ideas that swirl in my mind. Having Batman’s support is a huge huge huge plus for me. I have never been encouraged so deeply by a man. Then again, he isn’t just any ‘man’. He’s my Batman.

   I know it will be hard and there will be days where I may feel like I should be like everyone else and get a “real job”. But I also know that all I have to do is look into the eyes of my kids and husband to know that no matter what, I can do anything. I will give this Roller coaster ride idea 110%. Join the ride through my writings. You can even let the safety bar go and scream on the way up the tracks if you want. I haven’t the heart to judge one bit. S*