My main 2017 Resolution… 

   I’m on YouTube! I told myself this year will be the year I reach out in a different way. See my daily affirmation art process in action on my new Art channel on YouTube. I’m kinda nervous, but I’m using that as courage fuel! I know I can do this… It’s brand Spanking new, so YouTube lovers, art collectors, and all the in-between, check it out! Like and subscribe! Just hop on YouTube and search : OpaChi Artist. My goal is to post upload everyday (or every other day) since these are “daily affirmations. Hopefully this will be a bigger gateway to a brighter, more self sufficient life as well.  Enjoy. I’d Love to hear what you think. 😘 


Daily Affirmation : Ready and Willing.. 

   Good morning, early birds and night owls! So, we all have goals. I’m. Sure of it. And sometimes, we fall short of those goals for a thousand different reasons. Unfortunately, none of those reasons matter. When you fall down, you get back up and keep trying. Staying in a “forever ready” attitude could mean the difference between finally completing your goals and getting stuck in the cycle of ‘try again’. Seriously, you can’t expect to do your best the 10th time around if you are doubting or dreading that reset. 

 ❤️ Today’s Affirmation : I AM READY ❤️

 Be ready and stay that way. The build-up of enthusiasm (being ready) may be exactly what you need to help you achieve those goals every time. It really doesn’t matter if you fall short. It’s going to happen sometimes. What matters is what you do next. So, I ask you. Are you READY? 

    When I first started drawing as an adult, this (⬆️⬆️) was all I thought I could do. Sketches for Artisan works of mine. I didn’t have a lick of confidence in myself. I seriously thought I was wasting my own time. But it felt right, somehow? If felt like I was disappointing the world by not trying. Eventually, after falling many times, I got better… 

… And better still… 

Placing me at a point where I can say I’m well on my way to NOT  sucking. You too can stay ready and tackle any thought that tells you otherwise. Stay ready with enthusiasm and watch the change in outcome. It’ll blow your mind. Light and Love. L

Daily Affirmation: Focus


A doodle of my acrylic easel ❤️


    So, I was asked a few days ago what a good affirmation for focus is. There are so many to count – all made by the believer – but I do use a few myself. Focus is essential if you are trying to complete a task and just don’t have the feels for it, or your kids are giving you a long long account of their day… yes, focus is definitely needed there. Sometimes I’ll catch myself thinking of the Pokémon theme song in the middle of one of Chi’s shfills about a dream she had months ago.😏  She’s too cute.

Watercolor Love

   Focus has never been one of my strong suits. I mean, don’t get me wrong, once I’m going on a project, I’m in the Zone. I guess it’s more of a ‘focus-on-focusing’ thing? I don’t know. All I know, is it was getting in the way of my progress in this work-from-home-mom/artisan dream of mine. I believe when one is focused, they are absorbed in what they are doing. Almost to a point where you don’t even hear what’s going on around you. In the zone, baby! I love going there, but having a toddler can make that really hard. (Batman is a huge help when he’s home, but he works a lot.) 

So when I thought up one a few months back I wanted to make sure “absorbed” was in there somewhere. To invoke it within me every time I said it.

❤️Today’s affirmation: I am Absorbed by all that I do…❤️

Close your eyes and breathe the words in and out. It’s a great reminder to get back on track and just how important being on track means to you. It’ll reignite your goals in a different way, through your focus and drive. I know this, because it worked for me. Now, when my mind wanders (or I pick up my phone and start social surfing instead of working) , I snap back and say it. It gets me mentally back in line instantly. I think the more we say an affirmation, the faster it will come to work in your life. Mental reconditioning, if you will. I hope this helps even just one of you today.Do you have Focus affirmations that you say and would like to share?

Light and Love. L




Daily Affirmation thru Illustration : Unavoidable Mondays


    It’s Monday again. I know , I know, but hear me out. We are here, so we  may as well make the best of it, right? It seems on Mondays, the entire human race is cranky and unhappy. I think we all have a problem with letting the weekend go. Especially Sunday –  our day of rest. But be mindful of your thoughts at all times. Thoughts create things, so if you wake up and start your day, cranky, it’ll only continue since that’s the signal you are sending out to the universe. So, today’s Affirmation to combat this emotional warfare is the simplest thing you can say, that works the best. 

 ❤️ Daily Affirmation : Peace, be still ❤️ 

   Such a simple phrase yet at any given moment, it could be the very phrase that saves your day or stops you in your tracks when you feel a swear building in the back of your throat for the driver who cut you off on the road… again . This morning while taking my oldest, Chi, to school, I was cut off. I got mad but only because I was still so tired. Still, since I didn’t check myself emotionally, it happened two more times before I made it to the school.😒  The school is a three minute drive up the road. I had to check myself. I was spiraling down the wrong rabbit🐰 hole  and I knew it would only get more frustrating. Once I said the Affirmation, it didn’t matter what happend to me. I was blind  to the stupidity of others because I changed my focus. Sure enough, nothing else happend. 

   When you feel anger, irritation, sadness, or just overwhelmed, say this Affirmation. Take deep breaths and say it (eyes closed or open). You’ll feel at peace so fast, you won’t remember why you were mad to begin with. L. 

Night Owl Chronicles :Change is Good : Daily Affirmation 

   I know it’s Thursday (already Friday for some of you ☺️). Here’s a  glance at my week so far,minus Thursday . Changing my routine a little, like my pork out at night, is an adjustment. I’m not sure why I decided to do it, but the change made it fresh for me again, I guess. Working out usually wakes me up, but I  think it’s calming my mind down now. I still do my Night-owl thing, but falling asleep when I lay down hasn’t been as hard as usual. Change can be good, even one’s you didn’t plan. Especially those.

 ❤️ So, Today’s Affirmation : The changes I make will change my world in a good way.❤️ 

   What other changes have I made this week…  working  with Batman’s overtime schedule , first time at “toddler time”  tomorrow , oh, and I shared some #lineart I’m really proud of today. 🤓 THAT was cool. 

Talk about getting over a “fear hump”  or two. . . or three. 😡 such is life, and I’m damn proud of myself!  I recorded another video of the “Lyme Warriors ” banner today too, but I’ll post it tomorrow . I put alot of energy into my work today. And I plan on doing it all over again tomorrow .

 I know what you’re  thinking, somethings’ off about this line art.  Your thinking,  “why a Mermaid? ” . I’m kidding, the butterfly in the jar?  I don’t know. When I first drew It, it was just an empty jar. Then Batman asked,  “why a Jar? “.  You  see the rabbit hole with a question like that,  right? 🐰 

When  I did the initial sketch, it was 3am,and I was trying to make myself go to sleep. Well, somehow, a pencil and my sketch journal ‘fell’ into my lap while laying down. It was the strangest thing… 🙄

   One thing I can tell you I believe , when you have inspired thought, you have to act on it, no matter what. I can’t remember where I’d heard that before, but it stuck with me. The urge to draw was strong and I still don’t know where the idea came from… L. 


Next Project design choices : What background should I choose? ? 

​ okay, I’m flooding your time line for a sec. I need some feedback. I have a friend who is battling Lyme (Lymie, for some). She’s the sweetest person I know and is like a “super Nanny”  to any child around. In other words, if there’s a kid around, her ears and eyes are peeked to step in. It’s the funniest thing. ❤️ So, I’m making a Lyme Disease Awareness collection in her honor. See the background design? That’s what I need help choosing. Feel free to comment of the one you like most! Here we go! ❤️

Design number 1: 

 I just loved the idea of looking to a night sky for comfort on those days when dealing is just top heavy a burden. I’m a star gamer, myself, so it was a no Brainer. Hey, what do you think of the purple one next to it? 😮

Design 2:

This was more like an attempt and something different . . . I’m not ashamed to admit that. 😒

Design 3:

The crowd favorite on my Instagram. I’ve already chosen. But still, which would you have gone with? I’m just curious as to what people like and dislike. Thanks guys. 


9 Morning Sketch/Paint Inspiration/creativity


**Morning sketch/paint session**, my coffee. Maybe I’ll add the words “good morning” and hang it in the kitchen above the coffee pot for a while… Hmmm❤❤❤☕❤❤❤☕ Is it weird to hang your own work?? I didn’t think so ☺ I read alot (suprise suprise) and alot of the time, it says “don’t fall in love with your work, you’ll never sell them”. I disagree.  I think if you hang and love what you do and make, your love does go into that project on a deeper level. Others will feel what you feel and will love you for the feeling they get when they look at your work.
  That’s how I see it. I wonder if others do too?

OpaChi Quilts N Crafts – The Biginning

Quilting - Begin!

Quilting – Begin!

For about six months now, I’ve gone back and forth in my head on a life altering decision. One side knows I will do great if I go through with it while the other side is all for it – but doubtful on my success. I’ve decided to start my own “thing” and make quilts and other craft ideas that I have.

     I’ll save you the sob story of a pregnant mom and bride-to-be who couldn’t find a job (due to pregnancy) but can craft like a mother f@&ker and just cut right to the important stuff.

   With five months left in pregnancy and my emotional state in question, my husband – my batman – said that maybe me staying home is exactly what God wants. I’ve accepted that and found that I have quite a gift for crafting. I made Little Ninja a quilt and it came out so nicely, that I made one for Chi as well. I received such good feedback that I actually thought about making something of all of this.

Now that Little Ninja or “Opa” is here (and three months, for that matter), I have decided to go with my gut, heart, brain, and husband and give this crafting bit a try. It’s something I really do enjoy doing and I am more excited about it than I’ve ever been about any job from my past. I have this super thick notebook that will serve as my “brain in writing” – if you will. It has tabs made out of sticky notes and so many of my ideas. The more I think and write about my ideas, the more excited I get. I’m like a scientist in a room full of new testing material. Like a gamer first in line at midnight for the next best game (for PS4J ). Like a mother prepped and ready to bring a new life into the world (me three months ago…).

      I’m just waiting on tax time. When I can take a ‘nest egg’ chunk (frugally) and buy a good amount of starter supplies. Then, open up my one woman sweat shop and see where life takes me. This is only the beginning. Yet another stepping stone in this journey of mine called “Life”. Am I scared? Shitless. But what better way to live if not on the edge at least a little bit – even if it is in the form of needles, fabric, crafts, and the colorful ideas that swirl in my mind. Having Batman’s support is a huge huge huge plus for me. I have never been encouraged so deeply by a man. Then again, he isn’t just any ‘man’. He’s my Batman.

   I know it will be hard and there will be days where I may feel like I should be like everyone else and get a “real job”. But I also know that all I have to do is look into the eyes of my kids and husband to know that no matter what, I can do anything. I will give this Roller coaster ride idea 110%. Join the ride through my writings. You can even let the safety bar go and scream on the way up the tracks if you want. I haven’t the heart to judge one bit. S*


Now, I’m sure when you see a title like that, you’re thinking this:

courtesy of DC comics

courtesy of DC comics

    I am a huge batman fan. I am a bigger fan of him than any other super hero (and this is coming from a HUGE nerd). I own three Bat shirts (for starters), a bat watch, keychain, cake ring, and so on and so forth. My fandom isn’t because of his looks or lack of raw “super…ness”… but for his use of machinery and darkness to keep streets safe. His brains as much as his brawn.


Anyway, this isn’t about Comic Batman, It’s about this one:

MY Batman

MY Batman

This is my batman, Aaron. You may often read me refer to him as Batman. It’s just what I call him – and with good reason. This man saved me and Chi from a bad and unavoidable path almost two years ago. Instead of allowing me and my oldest to sleep in my Nissan on the side of a road, he stayed with me and convinced his family to help. Then came marriage, a home of our own, and a baby! The rest, as I say, is a comic book waiting to happen.

   Not only is he supportive and sweet, but he’s hilarious when he wants to be. He keeps me laughing – especially when I’m feeling down. One of the sweetest things he has ever said to me was that he referred Chi as his daughter since the very first day he met her. A few days after meeting him, he popped by for a visit, ended up leaving, and coming back with ‘food essentials’. Bread, cheese, lunch meat, cereal, and milk. “I couldn’t ignore your empty fridge,” he said. I knew I loved him at that moment. Quick, yes, but is there really such a thing when a higher power is in control? I know couples who met and married in the same week – still going strong.

He’s called Batman for a few reasons. He’s the coolest person on the planet to me. He’s an awesome dad and extremely protective of us all. I can’t even take Charlie out to pee at night without him or protection nearby. Last night he asked me if I was happy as a Housewife. I thought he was asking to try and convince me to work again, but he asked because he just wants to make sure I am happy. Period. MY genuine happiness is a concern if his. Wow… Who wouldn’t love a man like that? Those out of their freakin’ minds, that’s who!?!

   All in all, I can’t believe I lucked out. There really is no better phrase for this topic. For once I’ve met and married the definition of love and kindness – after so much unkindness. His best qualities include his fierce love for me… and my weirdness. He takes it all in tow with a “that’s not weird at all” attitude that pretty much helps him sleep at night.

   When times are rocky, he’s the cement that keeps my worrying brain grounded and my feet from falling out from under me. He makes fun of my couponing, but encourages it every times I walk through the house with four bags of stuff under $10.00 . No worries, I’ll shed some light on my couponing craze down the line. He’s my everything and our kids are keep us going for sure. Batman, I’d be lost without you around.

Men: Be yourself for that special someone. Unless you can be Batman, then be batman for that special someone. Every girl wants their very own super hero to swoop them up and show them the meaning of a loving family man. Trust me, I’ve been on both sides of Justice when it comes to matters of the heart. I’ve had my share of Jokers for sure.


Dear Grown Men in “Toy Cars”

     Hello there,
I don’t normally do this. But the severity if this constant female offense is yet another reason why I don’t feel safe walking anywhere.  There is nothing even remotely attractive about a man driving a HOTT Wheels, done up, toy car and eye balling a mother walking her children home like a slab of meat. From what I understand of past times, a woman with kids was seen as “taken”. In my case, this is true. But regardless of the fact, I no not one mature woman who would find it cool to see and actually want. If you are in your late twenties early thirties, you should be slapped and quickly corrected for being jobless, degree less – yet ‘sittin’ on 20s’. I feel so anxious just walking home with my kids because I feel like I’m being followed by purposeful slow drivers who drool at the mouth. Granted, I’m slightly flattered, but the offense and insecurity I feel for myself and my girls surpasses that to the ninth degree. Good women need men with goals,drives,and the potential to be super dad one day. It’s time to leave the toy cars to the kids and prove to the world again why God started with a man, not a woman.