Next Project design choices : What background should I choose? ? 

​ okay, I’m flooding your time line for a sec. I need some feedback. I have a friend who is battling Lyme (Lymie, for some). She’s the sweetest person I know and is like a “super Nanny”  to any child around. In other words, if there’s a kid around, her ears and eyes are peeked to step in. It’s the funniest thing. ❤️ So, I’m making a Lyme Disease Awareness collection in her honor. See the background design? That’s what I need help choosing. Feel free to comment of the one you like most! Here we go! ❤️

Design number 1: 

 I just loved the idea of looking to a night sky for comfort on those days when dealing is just top heavy a burden. I’m a star gamer, myself, so it was a no Brainer. Hey, what do you think of the purple one next to it? 😮

Design 2:

This was more like an attempt and something different . . . I’m not ashamed to admit that. 😒

Design 3:

The crowd favorite on my Instagram. I’ve already chosen. But still, which would you have gone with? I’m just curious as to what people like and dislike. Thanks guys.